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Wed Sep 14 23:38:01 2011 UTC (4 years ago) by hqu
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Add inprogress online ana and monitoring package


# This script removes various files created by aclocal, autoconf, and 
# automake.  It is not worthwhile to keep these files in a Revision 
# Control System repository. 
# The command 
#  autoreconf --force --install
# should regenerate these files.
test -f Makefile && make distclean
find ./ -name Makefile.in -exec rm -f {} \;
# TODO: only remove a ``Makefile'' if a corresponding ``Makefile.am'' is present
find ./ -name Makefile -exec rm -f {} \;
test -d autom4te.cache && rm -Rf autom4te.cache
test -d build && rm -Rf build
rm -f aclocal.m4 config.log config.status configure

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